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מברשת פנים אלחוטית
מברשת פנים אלחוטית
מברשת פנים אלחוטית
מברשת פנים אלחוטית
מברשת פנים אלחוטית

מברשת פנים אלחוטית

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Cleansing is something we do every day - but sometimes, it's not enough to just use our fingertips.

Whether you walk to work or exercise outside, micro-particles found in the air in polluted environments are small enough to penetrate the skin and this can lead to all manner of complexion concerns, such as pigmentation and breakouts.

So, step up your cleansing game with one of these babies, because who doesn't want a natural, Insta-worthy glow?

Unlike cleansing brushes, this egg-shaped contraption harnesses teeny tiny and ultra-gentle silicone bristles that oscillate back and forth to target every single nook and cranny of your face. The result? Skin that is much clearer, brighter and smoother. If you're prone to the odd breakout or suffer from congested skin all year round, invest and team with an AHA/BHA cleansing formula.

Skin-friendly Construction 

This face massager is made using quality silicone material that is non-abrasive to the skin and gently works to remove dirt and dead skin cells to impart clear and brighter skin. It can be cleaned easily as dirt does not get stuck in its fine bristles. 


1. If you can keep using it, it will help you to remove blackheads, acne, oil, dirt, makeup residue, and prevent blocking pores.
2.Exfoliating by softer skin-friendly silicone, sensitive skin also suitable.
3. Gently massage to relax your skin, improve complexion and fine lines.
4. Washing your face shouldn't just wash the surface. It is a deep cleaning and importing device. It is a very good choice for your family and friends!
5. It is palm-sized, and the ergonomic design fits your hands perfectly, easy to carry everywhere. There is no need to change the brush head frequently.

What You Will Get:
1 x Facial Cleansing Brush
1 x USB Cable



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